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About Wasserstein & Co.

Wasserstein & Co. is an independent private equity and investment firm, with offices in New York and Los Angeles. The firm was formed in January 2001, when the merchant banking group of Wasserstein Perella & Co., Inc., a global investment banking firm, spun out to become an independent firm upon the acquisition of the remainder of Wasserstein Perella by Dresdner Bank.

The Wasserstein & Co. investment team has completed over 50 platform and add-on transactions, representing over $3 billion of enterprise value, on behalf of institutional and individual investors, including public and corporate pension funds, foreign governmental entities, endowments and foundations and high net worth individuals. Our investment activities are focused on middle-market leveraged buyout investments and related investment activities. Wasserstein & Co. also manages a significant portfolio of debt and equity securities and other investments on behalf of our stockholders and other investors.

We conduct our buyout investment activities through the Wasserstein Partners family of funds. Predecessor funds, U.S. Equity Partners I and II, were raised in 1997 and 2002 and invested approximately $750 million of committed equity capital.

We target investments of between $30 million and $150 million. While our focus is primarily on control equity investments, we have invested successfully across the entire capital structure spectrum, taking positions in preferred stock and various debt securities with compelling risk / return profiles.

Family Office Heritage and Advantages

The senior partners of the firm were hand selected by, and worked closely for an average of 15 years with, Mr. Bruce Wasserstein to manage the Wasserstein Family’s investments and assets through Wasserstein & Co., which has served as the family office. Mr. Wasserstein, who passed away in 2009, had a storied career over 40 years in business, finance, media, law and investment banking, and had been chairman and chief executive officer of two prominent global investment banking firms, Wasserstein Perella Group Inc. and Lazard Ltd. The family office heritage of the senior partners is infused throughout Wasserstein & Co.’s investment philosophy and strategy, which we believe benefits our investment partners. Along with the Wasserstein Family, all of our senior partners invest their own capital in each of our investment funds. This alliance of interests reinforces our preference for investments in companies with both sound fundamental business platforms and compelling organic growth opportunities.

Arising from our family office heritage, Wasserstein & Co. maintains a disciplined focus on absolute, not relative, returns, and continuously analyzes the risks that may be required to generate particular returns. With this perspective, which aligns with that of our investment partners, Wasserstein & Co. believes the preservation of capital in every investment is critical to the achievement of the firm’s objectives.