About Wasserstein Debt Opportunities

WDO is an absolute return oriented hedge fund focused primarily on investments in U.S. leveraged loans. We emphasize investing in situations where our industry expertise and relationships enable more insightful investing.

Wasserstein Debt Opportunities Fund, LP (“WDO”) was established by Wasserstein & Co. and Rajay Bagaria to invest primarily in U.S. high yield bonds and leveraged loans.

WDO’s investment strategy emphasizes conviction, principal safety and return consistency. We seek to create differentiated high yield exposure by focusing on investments that are generally not held by index funds and carry higher risk-adjusted returns. The core of our approach is in-depth research and analytics, a process that has been honed over many years of investing. Our belief in aligning our interests with our investors’, and providing effective and frequent communications, creates a partnership environment of shared ideas and transparency.